Arsene Wenger Talks Tactics for the Festive Season

In Arsenal’s latest training session, exclusive footage shows Arsène Wenger talking through new tactics for the festive season.

He can be heard calling in first team players Alexandre Lacazette, Rob Holding and Calum Chambers, “come in, get closer”, to offer a never-seen-before team talk.

Arsène Wenger exclaims: “We have been through this. First, we cross, then we weave.”

The players can be seen repeating the Boss’ advice like a mantra before it’s revealed that he is, in fact, talking about knitting.

Arsène Wenger has revealed his festive knitting tactics to support Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day and can be seen showing off his expert woolly skills with a grin on his face.

On seeing Rob Holding’s disastrous three-armed red jumper, the manager puts his head in his hands in despair before claiming: “You don’t have to make your own sweater to make the world better. On Friday 15th December, join us and swap your kit for a knit.”

This year is the fifth year Arsenal is supporting Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day, which is being launched for the first time this year in Hong Kong with support from Arsenal Soccer Schools. Arsenal has fully embraced the woolly revolution, with players swapping their kit for a knit for a special squad photo and adopting new knit-names including Theo “Woolcott”, “Sweater” Cech, Aaron “Lambsey”, Jack “Woolshere”, “Gra-Knit” Xhaka and Héctor “Baa-llerin”.

阿仙奴領隊雲加(Arsène Wenger首談聖誕快車賽期戰術


從片段能清楚聽到,雲加指示球員拿卡錫迪 (Alexandre Lacazette)、洛賀丁(Rob Holding)及哥林張伯斯(Calum Chambers) 集合並走近些,然後作出一個前所未有的團隊訓話。



原來雲加披露他在聖誕佳節的編織「戰術」,是為了支持救助兒童會「兒童愛衣日」(Christmas Jumper Day) 慈善活動,片段可見他一邊展露自信的笑容,一邊展示媲美專業級的編織手藝。


這是阿仙奴第五年支持救助兒童會「兒童愛衣日」,有關慈善活動今年首度引入香港。阿仙奴上下同心響應「羊毛革命」,屆時球員們會脫下球衣與裝備,換上特別設計的毛衣拍攝團體照,化身為「羊確特」(Theo “Woolcott”)、「毛衣施治」(“Sweater” Cech)、「艾朗羊斯」(Aaron “Lambsey”)、, 「羊舒亞」(Jack “Woolshere”), 「格織沙加」(“Gra-Knit” Xhaka)、「咩利連」(Héctor “Baa-llerin”)

Knit Peppa a Christmas Sweater

Save the Children Hong Kong is looking for volunteer knitters to design and make a Christmas sweater for our Child Ambassador, Peppa Pig, to wear in support of Christmas Jumper Day.

Can you help?

The deadline for receiving sweaters is Thursday 26 October, so that Peppa can be photographed in your sweater for all of her Christmas Jumper Day promotional materials.

Measurements for her Christmas Jumper are available here
And here is a pattern for some inspiration.

Please get in touch with us at Jumper HQ for further details and to pledge your support.

Good Luck!